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  • Phone: 01768372319
  • Cherkaby Cottage , 23 North Road, Kirby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4RH


ConserVCARE specialises in conservatory valeting, enhancing the appearance of your conservatory and adding value to your home or business. We use careful, manual techniques and low pressure cleaning equipment to ensure top quality results without damage to joints, seals or the environment.

ConserVCARE – cleaning a conservatory roofConservatory valeting is important. If conservatories and orangeries are not properly maintained, mould, moss, algae and other organic growth can cause joints and seals to deteriorate, and using high pressure hoses can often make problems worse.

By contrast, ConserVCARE takes great care in providing a gentle preventative maintenance service that will leave your premises looking their very best.

Whether you’re a business manager wanting to make a good impression on your customers or perhaps a home-owner looking to get the best possible price when moving up the property ladder, you’ll find ConserVCARE’s conservatory valeting service a rewarding and cost effective investment.

To find out more about our conservatory valeting service, please click here or contact us if you need more information.