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  • Phone: 028 9269 8769
  • Oakwood Lodge, 1 Bracken Valley, Dromore, County Down, BT25 1TA


We are based in a central County Down location only 10 minutes from Sprucefield Roundabout, half way between Lisburn and Banbridge off the A1 dual carriageway.

We offer you a wide range of natural, holistic diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, addressing the four Naturopathic levels of Physical, Spiritual, Mental and Emotional health improvement.

‘Kokoro’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘heart, soul, spirit, core’. We see this as significant because as holistic therapists, we seek to address the core or cause of a problem, rather than the symptoms. Standard medical practice is aimed at focusing on symptoms, rather than looking for the cause or root of it, so you are given pain killers rather than having the cause of the pain dealt with. We will look at the problem in the full context of the body as a whole from all aspects of your life that could impinge on it, so several therapeutic techniques could be used to attack what you are presenting with. That is the Naturopathic Way.

In addition to the same core Naturopathic training, David & Dorothy have the following specialisms:

His specialisms have developed around dealing with physical & emotional pain. He is an accredited Bowen Technique practitioner & is currently studying the Emmett Technique. These Australian methods are designed to treat pain & physical imbalances at the source of the problem & are virtually immediate in their results. He is registered with the ECBS. Reiki & the proper teaching of it is his other main passion & specialism. Not happy with the standard Western version of Reiki, he has researched how it was originally taught & practiced; putting these methods into practice, he has found them to be much more powerful, dispensing with symbols & focusing on shamanically connecting with Source & using energetic visualisations to focus healing intent. These are the methods he also teaches. Reiki can also be used with physical pain, though he primarily uses it at the mental/emotional/spiritual levels.


Maternity & Fertility Reflexology for which she has undertaken in depth training with Gill Thomson, who facilitates Suzanne Enzer, the renowned author & midwives’ maternity reflexology. She is a member of the Fertility Reflexology Network, having trained with Sarah Holland. She also specialises in Baby & Toddler Reflex, teaching parents how to practice it on their children. She also supports those with cancer, having trained with Carol Donnelly at the Arc in Dublin. Dorothy has commenced teaching her passion in her Fertility Reflexology Course, designed for qualified Reflexologists. Hers is the first such course in the UK to receive CThA approval. She has also developed a Preconception Preparation Programme using Naturopathic principles. Dorothy is CHNC registered.